New Rider Information


Thanks for choosing White Fox Equestrian Center. We are excited to have you! Even if you have ridden or taken lessons elsewhere, this is just a brief overview of how we do things. Every barn is a little different, so we hope this will help you learn a bit about us. Asalways, if you have ANY questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


Riding helmets are required! Bicycle helmets or other sport helmets are not permitted. For your first few lessons we will provide you with a helmet, but it is a recommended first purchase if you areplanning to do regular lessons. Long pants and boots with a heel are also required. The heel prevents your foot from sliding through the stirrup and getting stuck. Sneakers can therefore be dangerous.


The majority of your first lesson will be learning where everything is located as well as how to groom and tack your horse. Depending on the time, when all of this is completed, you will then mount your horse and go over the basics. At White Fox we believe that grooming, tacking, and maintaining the barn are ALL part of being an all-around horseperson. This is your responsibility as a rider. If you are unfamiliar with grooming and tacking, we will include this in the given lesson time, and your instructor will assist you. When you are more comfortable with the process, you can begin to come before your lesson time to prepare your horse. This will be at your instructor’s discretion.

*Parents are encouraged to learn the grooming and tacking process with their child. If a student is too small or does not have the strength needed for certain steps of grooming and tacking, parents should assist their child.